3 stars: Average

Amazing merchandise, prices could be a lot lower or more sales.

Gorgeous items. The customer service is good. Was hoping that the items I wanted were cheaper though. They could definitely go down in pricing since there are so many businesses like it out there.

1 star: Bad

Really disappointed in the lack of customer service.

You only sent me one out of five necklaces that I had ordered. You did not send the remaining four that you missed via express shipping. You did not realize that you only sent one neclace until 5 days after I had ordered them. This issue could have easily been resolved if you would have paid the extra money to send it via express shipping, to fix your mistake, and therefore I would have received it quickly. They were gifts that I am presenting tomorrow, and I only have one neclace. I am NOT going to recommend my Arbonne team to use your website for purchasing gifts. And I will not re order anything due to this experience. I am also in the customer service industry, and when I screw a customers order up, I make sure to do everything I can to fix it in a timely
Manner. Very disappointed in the lack of customer Service. Also, the bracelet that I bought, the pendant fell off the day that I wore it.

4 stars: Great

Tracking number

Love the packaging received to gift my team members! Thank you! Only thing I didn't love as an online shopper is that I didn't receive a tracking number sent to my email address so was not able to track the order.

3 stars: Average

Beautiful product

I recently purchase three of the bracelets with the Arbonne logo charm on them. While all three bracelets are beautiful, all 3 charms fell off the bracelet and I've lost them. I would greatly appreciate having them replaced by Treor Paris at no additional cost to me. In addition to having all 3 charms fall off the bracelet, I also waited nearly 6 weeks to receive them despite the fact that when I placed my order the website indicated that they were in stock, so imagine my frustration when I finally received them, literally the first time they were worn, the Arbonne charm fell off, and was lost, I also paid an additional shipping charge so that I could get them as soon as possible (this was refunded to me). The bracelets, necklace and earrings are all beautiful, however, the way that the clip for the Arbonne logo is made for the bracelet is obviously not secure otherwise they would not have fallen off. I know that it did not happen because of anything that I did, as one of my consultants also order 4 of the same bracelets (2 rose gold, 2 silver) at GTC in Las Vegas this past May. 2 of those bracelets were for me, and 2 were for her. All the charms from those 4 bracelets ALSO fell off and have been lost.
With that being said, I would ask that Tresoir replaces not only my charms for my purchase, but also for the ones that my consultant (Roxane J Vezina) purchased at GTC. All of these replacement charms can be mailed to. That would include a total of 4 rose gold charms and 3 silver ones.
My mailing address is:
Patricia Paupst
6982 Bilberry drive
Orleans, ON
K1C 3R6

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter, and I have no doubt that there will be a quick resolution to this matter.


Patricia Paupst

4 stars: Great
5 stars: Excellent

Awesome experience!

I had a great experience with my order from Tresorparis.ca and my order arrived in a timely fashion. Thank You!

4 stars: Great

Very pleased with the pendant received.

I would have liked to see a longer chain for the size of the pendant as well as a ring to loop the chain through instead of the top of the pendant itself. The information that was presented on the link we received did not provide full disclosure as to the terms of the additional offers provided and that in turn made for a somewhat frustrating experience.
When I left a message inquiring about my website challenges, my call was not returned. An email request was responded to however. Some improvement in communication would make the overall experience better. I am however pleased with the product.

3 stars: Average

Like my necklace, the catch keeps letting go and I have almost lost it.

Yes it was easy to order and reasonably priced, just hesitant on the clasp.

4 stars: Great

Beautifully crafted!

My experience with dealing with Tresor Paris was satisfactory. The items were delivered to my door much sooner than anticipated. I am happy with the quality of the product and hope they will offer us more selection from the Arbonne line in the future.

2 stars: Poor


I couldn't find the difference between the two arbonne necklaces so purchased the cheaper one, only to receive it and discover the chain wasn't long enough and the pendant did not look like the image on the website. It looked much "cheaper" and not nearly as nice as I was expecting.