5 stars: Excellent

Happy customer

Could not be happier with the service and quality, mirror finished off our bathroom perfectly.
Great job,
Delivery drivers were great to and very helpful.

5 stars: Excellent

Amazing customer assistance

Read some of the reviews here and tbh find them a bit harsh. It did take close to 1 month to get my railings but I mean hey what do you expect when you order 1,200 lbs of glass. Got assisted from the getgo and they even helped get my measurements right, had made a mistake with my dimensions.

Really great experience overall and grade A quality product

1 star: Bad

Beware! Lengthly delays, bait and switch and very poor customer service.

Where do I begin?

I was excited to find such a well put together website, product configurator, and customer support while deciding to buy my glass railing for my deck. Feeling confident about my decision to choose Glassandmirror.ca, and with an ETA for delivery boldly stated on their website as JULY 4 (15 days from the date of order) - I entered my payment information for an order for over $4,000CAD - this was JUNE 19. Shortly after, I was contacted to make sure the dimensions were correct, and I was ordering the correct product - the person on the call mentioned he was going to charge my card now and get my order right into production - great I though!

This is where things stopped being great.

After the phone call, I got an email updating my that my order had a new delivery date. Instead of being JULY 4, it is now stating 21 business days (which takes us to about JULY 20). This was completely unacceptable to me - I contacted them stating this was NOT okay, and I would need to cancel if that is in fact the delivery ETA.

The person I was speaking to said that due to COVID, things were a bit delayed... at first I was understanding to this... but WHY DID HE NOT MENTION THIS LARGE DELAY ON THE PHONE BEFORE CHARGING MY CARD? He assured me the order would likely be shipped by JULY 3 (and 2-3 days for shipment). VERY VERY worst case scenario, it would be shipped out the week of JULY 6. I agreed to continue at this point giving some leniency for COVID and the minor delays.

The period goes by, and on JULY 2, I still haven't hear anything from them. I contacted them asking about my order. He mentioned it was still in production, and once packed I would get an email.

JULY 8, still zero proactive communication about the status of my order... I contact them again. I let them know that I was getting frustrated with the lack of communication, and asked for another update and a new ETA (seeing how we are now past the VERY VERY worst case scenario).

I heard nothing back from them until JULY 15!!! At which point he said the WHOLE order should be ready to ship on JULY 17.

Once again, I hear NOTHING until I contact them on JULY 20 demanding an update. I am starting to contemplate charging my order back, as I don't know if I have been scammed. On JULY 21, I was responded to and they said that only 50% of the order was ready, and that they would transfer the rest on JULY 22.

Once again, no communication... I contact them on JULY 24 - he now says they are 60% done, and will have everything ready to next week (JULY 27) - the same day I was FINALLY given a tracking number saying the order will ship on MONDAY JULY 27.

Fast forward to JULY 28 - I am following along the tracking number online... it looks like it was picked up and at the shipping yard for the delivery company. I call Maritime Ontario to get an update since it should be delivering the next day.

The lady from MO was very nice - she said that something looks totally wrong here, and started calling around to see what was up with the shipment. No one could find it at either dock in Montreal or Brampton. On JULY 29, I was told that the order was still at the Glassandmirror Warehouse, and was never loaded onto the truck... WHY IS IT ME THAT HAS TO INVESTIGATE THIS? MO picked it up and delivered it to me by JULY 31.

FINALLY this is all over... or so I thought. I unpack the pallet or panels only to find there is ZERO MOUNTING HARDWARE... I had to contact Glassandmirror asking about this... and they let me know that they have been out of stock for a long time, and are waiting on a shipment from Vancouver... and don't have an ETA on when it will get here.

After everything I have been through, they can't even tell me that oh, by the way, we are still not sending your complete order.

So here I am with 8 glass panels, and no way to install them, and no ETA on when (if ever) I am getting my hardware. I demanded a partial refund, and was told I would be receiving 5% back to try and make things better - will update when this comes through.

I will be leaving this review at 1 star until I get my hardware, at which point I can review the product. I apologize for the length - but this has been a terrible experience.

1 star: Bad

Started out by scoping their ordering…

Started out by scoping their ordering system online. Worked great. I got great customer service up until I actually became their customer.

I ordered glass railings from them using their online ordering system, the CC got charged immediately. The glass itself took 1.5 months to arrive. I gave them the benefit of the doubt given the COVID19 situation. Glass finally arrived but without spigots. So that's useless as you can imagine. I have called and written since then and I have not received a response. I know that they got my message because their online system explicitly states that my message was viewed.

Leaving this review up here until they get it right. As of now my advice is: take your business else where. That's 3k of mine sitting in cyberspace.

5 stars: Excellent

Placed order on line

Placed order on line - they connected with me right away with some questions and within a month and a half glass was delivered. Box was quite damaged so I was worried as it was a 3'x6' piece of glass, but the packaging was phenomenal and the glass was undamaged. Fits perfect. Best way to connect with them is to use the Chat function on the web site

4 stars: Great

Did experience some delays with them…

Did experience some delays with them but nothing abnormal given the COVID situation... Got my glass in one piece and it is awesome. Fits exacty my needs.

1 star: Bad

Should be Bait & Switch Glass!

Placed an order per their website guidelines they then charged my credit card and emailed stating because of of Covid - 19 they need to increase the shipping costs by 600%. They refused to honor their price. Classic bait & switch online site wrapped in horrible customer service.

1 star: Bad

This site is a scam

This site is a scam. Nobody answer to messages or phone calls. The address of this company does not exist. I ordered some glass brakets and I think I lost my money.

4 stars: Great

I ordered 3 pieces of glass 1 month ago…

Dec 3 update
I received my 3 pieces last night. They fit perfect and look great. Incredibly well packed.
I upgraded my review from 1 star to 4 stars.
Dec 2nd update:
I received tracking numbers for my entire order. Fingers crossed!
Original post-
I ordered 3 pieces of glass 1 month ago and have not received them. I have received a few emails to string me along. I figure my money is good as gone.

1 star: Bad

No Customer Service. Literally None. Is anyone there?

Ordered some custom glass shelves and support brackets. Received the shelves and they look great but the brackets were not included in the package. Have tried emailing and calling multiple times over the last month, but have not received a response. Thinking I've lost my money at this point. At least I got the shelves.

5 stars: Excellent

I put an online order

After many try to communicate with this company 20 days later I got the glass changing my rating to 5 good quality and glass arrived in perfect conditions

1 star: Bad

I have been trying to get a hold of…

I have been trying to get a hold of someone to answer my questions... can't seem to connect with anyone for the past 2 days. The main number goes straight to a full mailbox. The other number I found online puts you through to another mailbox but no return calls....

5 stars: Excellent

Great product

Great product, met expectations, well made, arrived in great condition.